Nick Merlino

Nick Merlino Jr  growing up from the time he was 10 years of age had a dream of being a professional skate boarder and now he is really living his dream.
As his father I am so proud of him not because so much of his professionalism but his kind consideration of kids all over the country that he supports in his sport .
Nick Jr. takes all of the kids to black Diamond Skate Park in Moorestown N J , after they attend Church service at Unity Church of Christ in My Laurel N J . he looks forward into doing that when he is in New Jersey  .
He does the same for the kids in Brigantine  N J , where he basically grew up . He loves teaching them to do some of the little tricks that he does .
One year he was skating at  the skate park in Sea isle city in N J and missed the last bus to get back to Atlantic city . He was only 13 at that time but smart enough to wait at the local police station  ( adjacent to the skate park ) for me to pick him . The police told me that he was well behaved while waiting for me to pick him up .
He was skating at another park in Washington Township N J and the park guard approached me and asked me if that was my son , I answered yes . He pointed out to me that Nick had an audience watching him from the stands , and had the kids happy with all the tricks that he performed for him . What I like about him is what he does is not about is ego he does what he does because he loves skate boarding . He will work on a trick over and over until he masters it .
The advice I gave Nicky was to do the best you can at what ever you do and that is good enough for me and he went with it .

Thanks , and Good Luck , Nick Sr.

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